22 June
6 pm – 10 pm
Ramee Dream Hotel
Downtown Dubai, UAE
Best Website
Brand with the most user-friendly interface
Top of Google search results
Most enquired company or expert
People's choice
Most entrusted market player (expert/ company/ agent/ developer/ media/ journalist)
Most extensive media coverage
Journalist who covers the industry news best
Best in social media engagement
Blogger whom you follow to know about the UAE real estate
Most engaging on YouTube
The channel to subscribe
Outstanding online popularity
of the news/article/expert/company
International brand awareness
A UAE real estate player well-known abroad
Nominees will undergo Reputation House assessment, the outcomes will be disclosed at the Award Ceremony on June 22, 2023

Real Estate Reputation Awards will gather experts in digital marketing and online performance audit. You can now submit your company's case and we get back to you with solutions.


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