25 November
2pm – 11 pm
Trump International
Golf Club
Dubai, UAE
11 Awardees – UAE leaders in online reputational excellence
Online reputation of leading representatives of the UAE legal industry was evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • The quality of website’s search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Social media engagement
  • The level of brand awareness
  • Reviews & Clients’ Feedback
  • The tone and quality of mentions
  • Google search results
  • The level of media coverage
  • International brand recognition
The Legal Reputation Awards disclose the results of the online reputation assessment of legal industry representatives in the UAE.

Report 2023 made by the Reputation House Agency using its own-developed AI software. Each nomination is based on a large-scale data analysis of 45 key indicators that form online reputation.

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Trump International
Golf Club
Dubai, UAE
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Excellent Online Reputation of a Lawyer
This recognition highlights their adeptness at cultivating and upholding a positive image through digital channels, establishing a strong sense of trust and expertise within the online community
Excellent Online Reputation of a Legal Company
This category acknowledges companies that effectively build and maintain their reputation in the online space, setting high standards of professionalism and trust within the digital community
People's Choice: Best Lawyer
This category underscores the widespread recognition and admiration garnered by these lawyers for their outstanding skills, expertise, and dedication to their clients
International Brand Awareness
This category acknowledges strategic branding efforts, cultural sensitivity, and impactful messaging, contributing to their widespread recognition and influence across diverse international markets
The Best Website
This category recognizes websites that excel in design, functionality, user experience, and content, setting a high standard for online presence and engagement
Top of Google Search Results
This recognition spotlights their effective digital strategies, content relevance, and online reputation, positioning them as leaders in optimizing online presence and accessibility
Most Engaging on YouTube
This category celebrates their remarkable content, storytelling prowess, and ability to spark genuine interactions, making them a standout in leveraging YouTube's reach and engagement potential
This category is a reflection of the community's endorsement, recognizing companies that have excelled in building a positive image and fostering strong credibility, as voted by the people themselves
People's Choice: Best Reputation Legal Company
Best in Social Media Engagement
This category recognizes exceptional ability to captivate, resonate, and engage with their audience, setting a benchmark for effective online communication and community building
Most Extensive Media Coverage
The nomination honors individuals or organizations that have garnered significant attention and exposure across various media channels
Outstanding Online Popularity
This category highlights ability to resonate with online audiences, build a loyal fan base, and create content that resonates widely, solidifying their status as a prominent and influential online presence
Timing for the Legal segment, a part of the Reputation Day event
18:00 - 19:00
18:00 - 19:00
Event opening
Speech by representative from Dubai Legal Affeirs Department Speeches by founder of the leading legal agency in UAE
19:20 - 19:30
19:20 - 19:30
Presentation "The UAE Legals’ Online Reputation Report"
19:30 - 19:50
19:30 - 19:50
Award Ceremony for Dubai's Legal Representatives with Exceptional Online Reputation
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